Patricia Mack

Ellen Byron

We absolutely love this place from the amazing director Ms Linda and Mrs Bre and all the wonderful teachers there that really take there time with each child making sure they are loved. We all know leaving out precious baby is hard but knowing they’re in good hands makes it easier. Thank you K

Suga Shawn

I took my daughter here after the school year had started you would not know she missed anything because the teachers and staff are phenomenal with the children even the babies are learning straight from the gate I wish my daughter could spend her academic career here I would feel so much better abo

Jamie Romain

My daughter goes there is about to graduate tomorrow and I’m so happy I placed her there she had a small speech problem now she talking clear and learning so much . I love this school

Tamara Curtis

I’ve known the director of Kidz College for almost 8 years. My two nephews enrolled and graduated from the school/daycare and now my son attends. I trust their staff with educating and disciplining and the results are phenomenal. I’m a new mom so I reinforce the power words he learns fro